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Processes are ongoing to launch the FUSP Alumni Convention; efforts to document the whereabouts of most of FUSP beneficiaries’ graduates are on going with success


Objectives of the Alumni Convention.

1. Launching a platform for a strong alumni members focused on promoting FUSP values.

2. FUSP Beneficiaries share their experiences and program impact on their lives, families as well as their local communities.

3. Create networking opportunities among alumni, current students and pre entry students.

4. Share ideas on how alumni can promote the FUSP program through fundraising.


The FUSP Alumni is comprised of 215 graduates who were enrolled in different degree courses at UDSM and successfully completed their degree programmes. Out of 215 graduates, 153 are in touch with the Gender Centre/FUSP Coordinator and provided their current information. Of whom, 110 are now employed in different sectors within the country, 43 are working under short contracts and some as Research Assistants etc. Out of 110 graduates 15 of them went for further studies in various institutions within and outside the country.





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