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The UDSM Gender Club


Motto = “gender equality and equity for all”


The UDSM Gender Club was established in 2005 by an initiative of students themselves and has since graduated into a mature self-sustaining student movement sensitive to gender equity. Membership composition by the last 5 years indicates that the club attracts students from different academic years and gender. The most current data shows that for the last two years the Club has had 78 and 96 female and 45 and 67 male members for the years 2010/1011 and 2012 academic years.


Since 2011, the Gender Club has been able to do the following:


  1. (i)Registered by UDSM as a bonafide student entity
  2. (ii)Developed a Constitution
  3. (iii)Initiated a savings fund that will cater for their activities.



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