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To ensure engagement/active participation and accountability of UDSM students in creating an enabling environment for gender mainstreaming for a conducive organizational culture.


  1. To be the change for Gender Equality and Equity
  2. To carry out gender awareness campaigns among UDSM students
  3. Participate in 1st year orientation programmes
  4. Carry out publicity activities for adopted gender affirmative action at UDSM
  5. Organize Gender discussions on key policy issues adopted/passed by UDSM Council
  6. Support UDSM expanded access for female students through outreach programme to high schools
  7. To enrich the debate on gender equity and equality for gender mainstreaming at national and international level. .

Club Activities

  1. Gender sensitization and awareness workshop
  2. Researching key gender issues relevant to students lives at UDSM
  3. Carrying out advocacy programme to support the implementation of gender mainstreaming at UDSM
  4. Discussing equity measures by UDSM


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