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Our Goal

The goal of the UDSM Gender Centre is to institute gender equality and equity at UDSM through a gender mainstreaming strategy. By gender equality and equity we mean,

1.  Equal visibility, empowerment and participation of both sexes

     in all spheres of  operations and management.

2. Fairness and justice in distribution of benefits and


3. Through a strategy of Gender mainstreaming that is taking

     into account of gender concerns in all policies, programs,

     administration, financial activities and organizational




1. Facilitate and support the institutionalization of

    gender mainstreaming at UDSM.

2. Support UDSM core programs to operate with a gender


3. Facilitate the bridging of gender gaps existing at the UDSM

    through advocating and promoting various affirmative actions

    targeting (staff and students).

4. Promote and institutionalize gender networking within and

    beyond the University.


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