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This programme enabled the University of Dar to establish collaboration and linkages for the development of gender mainstreaming. Through this programme capacity building for gender analysis and individual professional development has been facilitated.


  1. 1.Sida /SAREC

Sida/SAREC –UDSM has a long history in the area of capacity building for gender research and gender analysis. Through Sida/SAREC support, UDSM was able to support various programmes and individuals in the area of gender research and professional development. The establishment of counseling services within the institution is an outcome of this networking

2. Norwegian Development Agency (NORAD)

Norwegian Development Agency (NORAD) is another link that contributed towards the success of implementation of gender mainstreaming at UDSM. Through NORAD support, UDSM gender programme was able to renovate office spaces for the gender programme in three campuses, support the first batch of Pre-Entry for Programme for female in science, and purchase of office equipment and furniture.


3.Carnegie Foundation of New York

Carnegie Foundation of New York is supporting institutionalization of gender mainstreaming at UDSM and the Female Undergraduate Scholarship Programme. Through Carnegie Foundation of New York support more than 356 female students between 2001-02 and 2006-07 were able to pursue studies at UDSM and its constituent colleges of MUCHS and UCLAS.

Through cooperation with Carnegie Foundation, UDSM Gender Centre is part of the African Universities Network of Carnegie funded universities. This network is very useful as it offers a platform for sharing experiences and programme development.


4. Association of Commonwealth Universities

University of Dar es Salaam membership to Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) has benefited the institution in the area of leadership and governance. Through the ACU gender programme, UDSM Gender Programme managed to enhance capacity of more than 60 female academic staff in the area of Research and Leadership. Through this link, UDSM managed to have six academic staff members as part of the thirteen East Africa Key Trainers for women and leadership in Higher education.

Meet the East Africa Key Trainers for Gender, Research and Leadership in Higher Education [Tanzania Team]

1. Dr Fenella Mukangara Director Gender Centre
2. Prof. Betty Kiondo UDSM Library
3. Ms Ave Maria Semakafu School of Public Health and Social Sciences (MUCHS)
4. Dr. Natu Mwamba
Ag. Director of Planning and Development (UDSM)
5. Dr. Flora Fabian School of Medicine (MUCHS)
6. Dr. Febronia Kahabuka School of Dentistry (MUCHS)

5. Association of African Universities

In order to enhance gender awareness, the Association of Commonwealth Universities through its Working Group on Higher Education is running series of capacity building for gender analysis. Through this network fifteen academic staff were oriented to be trainers using AAU Gender Analysis Manual.



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